This is the Estimate/Contract agreement for engagement of work between Potomac Pressure Washing and our Customers:

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Potomac Pressure Washing – Estimate & Contract Parameters Service Explanation:    
  Appl. Fee:  

Clear Sealant @ $24 per gallon.



The quotation shall be used as an agreement for work.                    


For valuable consideration, owner authorizes Potomac Pressure Washing to perform specified work as described above.  All work shall be performed in a professional manner consistent with industry guidelines.  Compensation will be paid in accordance with the terms listed above and below. 
Payment Terms: Payment is due immediately upon completion of work.  For jobs requiring sealant (wood surfaces), a 50% payment is due upon completion of all pressure washing services, awaiting appropriate weather conditions for sealing.  Once sealed, all remaining balances are immediately due.
Additional Provisions:
  1. All personal belongings (e.g. chairs, picnic tables, flowers, etc.) shall be removed prior to the scheduled work date.
  2. PPW agrees to remove all customer belongings for a fee of $55 and is not liable for damage to customer belongings.
  3. PPW will charge a $25 rescheduling fee for water outlet not turned on, windows not closed, or outdoor lights not turned off.
  4. PPW will exercise great care to protect all surrounding plant life, however we cannot be responsible for the loss of individual plants.
  5. PPW is not liable for water damage from low drainage areas, weak or loose siding, condensation inside windows, window streaking, paint removal from house trim.
  6. All color samples are approximate stain colors as accurately as possible.  All woods will vary in grain and color.  Therefore, PPW is not liable for color selection and final color outcome.
  7. All material guaranteed as specified.  All work completed professionally according to industry/manufacturer guidelines.
Please review and check following statements:
 PPW has my permission to place their sign in my yard until work is complete.
 PPW has my permission to take a before and after picture of the agreed upon work.
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Date of Acceptance: