Gazebo / Pergola

Job 1: Pressure Wash Pergola

Background: While it may look pretty strait forward, this is was one of the most difficult jobs we have ever done in 15 years.  Normally when you clean a deck, or pergola for that matter, you have instinct (or visual evidence) as to where you have been and where you are going.  However, with this particular pergola, you had neither option to use as a guide.   Once an area got wet, it was almost impossible to tell whether it had been cleaned or not.   On very green surfaces (which this was) sometimes you need to go over the surface multiple times to achieve the desired effect, although with each pass you moderately degrade the surface.  We of course wanted to minimize any degradation.  The vast number of surfaces, coupled with the floating canopies offered a unique challenge as well, as we did not want to adversely impact them either.  We've done some pretty big commercial jobs, and lots of decks and pergolas, but this one, this one stands out as one our proudest moments.   

Job 1: Pressure Wash Pergola w/Lattice

Background: This was a tough, but really good job.  The lattice was fairly easy, but the cross boards at the top offered some unique challenges, as you have to attack them from both the outside in, and from in between each board where possible.  We felt came out really well and the customer was very happy!