Cleaning, Sealing, & Staining Decks:
Large or small, wood or composite, PPW has an effective low PSI solution for you.  We have a wide variety of wood sealants & stains, or will apply your sealant or stain of choice.  Decks require routine pressure-washing (about every 2-3 years) by experienced men or women to ensure their future value and stability.  NOTE: An answer to a common question we often receive, all stains contain rain repelling sealant as well.

Is your siding dirty?  Does it have a high concentration of green, black or other mold?  Vinyl, Aluminum, Composite, Wood or other, we will make your home look beautiful again.  NOTE: Our siding cleaning process was developed and refined over many years.   We will never use high-pressured water on your siding, which ultimately drives water behind the cladding.  Instead, we will use a stream of water (not much more than a hard rain) coupled with 10% chemical (safe to all plants, pets, people), which will kill mold spores at the source, and force them to start over again, giving you a clean home for as long as possible.

Walkways / Staircases:
Concrete, Brick, Flagstone or whatever you have, we will clean it corner to corner!  Mold and Dirt traditionally build up over several months, and when wet, will often become slippery and hazardous.  Return it to its natural beauty in a safe environment!

Pools / Pool Decks:
Building a pool or just opening it up for summer fun, we can certainly help.  We take special care to push debris away from the pool and to provide you with a clean and safe surface area. 

Outdoor Furniture:
Cleaning outdoor furniture by hand with traditional solvents just doesn't work.  By using a combination of cleaning solutions with calculated high & low-pressure water, we can restore plastic, wood, metal or canvas.

Tennis Courts:
Are your Tennis Courts moldy & dirty?   Has mold and dirt made the playing surface slippery and unsafe?  PPW will come in and clean your tennis court corner to corner, and restore the beauty and safety to the playing surface and surrounding area.  Please Note: Tennis courts are an inch by inch zero degree surface (no easy drainage) back breaking time consuming labor.  We have cleaned plenty of tennis courts, but some are in such disrepair, that it does not make sense to clean them.  However, for those that can be cleaned safely and adequately, you should be anticipating around $1000-$1200+ for the best job possible. 

Everything Else:
We can pressure wash just about anything outside that can safely be cleaned.  Driveways, Porches, Fences, Swing sets, Toys, …..let us know what you would like to have cleaned and we'll tell you if it can be done safely and effectively.

…….and much much more !